Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose 1 Litre Single


1 Litre

Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose (ATF Multipurpose) is a high performance, automatic transmission fluid.

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Mobil Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose (ATF) is a high performance, automatic transmission fluid (ATF) designed to meet the service fill requirements for many North American designed vehicles. Mobil Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose provides reliable performance including smooth & consistent all weather shifting and all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components.

Mobil Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose is formulated from selected high-quality base oils combined with an advanced additive system including special friction modifiers and lubricity agents. It is designed to control the transition from full-film to thin-film lubrication as a vehicles band and clutches are activated during shifting. Mobil ATF Multipurpose ensures consistent repeatable, smooth shifts under a broad range of driving conditions, temperatures and transmissions. Mobil Automatic Transmission fluid Multipurpose also offers the required oxidation stability designed to meet a more severe set of requirements for warranty protection in most late-model vehicles. Key features and benefits include:

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for long and consistent transmission performance
  • Friction modifiers improve transmission efficiency and shifting performance
  • Good film-strength and anti-wear properties reduce wear and maintain good transmission life
  • Excellent low-temperature properties provide easier start-ups and improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures
  • Effective foam control properties provide consistent shifting performance and reduce fluid losses in severe service
  • Compatibility with all common seal materials helping the control of oil leakage
  • Satisfies most new car requirements to give the user confidence

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